Our Story

 Running Late was a little surprised  when Sony Music's Sound and Image Showcase named them as a top  32 global emerging artist in 2012; but this talented group of college students and their eclectic neo-90's alternative rock/pop sound have been building a following in the New Jersey scene since they began performing in the summer of 2009. Today, following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album "Better Late Than Never", they have gained thousands of fans across the country and continue to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry. 

 The band was formed after long time high school friends singer/songwriter Noah Giglio, singer/saxophonist John Hall and bassist Mike Hall began creating original music within the confines of their childhood homes. Fueled by a mutual passion for 90's rock, the three began recording their material and came to the realization that what they had was something wortwhile."After the first few demos, it became very clear that what we had was special" says Mike, "Noah, John and I just clicked, and we knew that the time was right to bring our variation of the 90's back to the people".  The band was soon joined by cellist Alex Fillimon, who added a fundamentally creative dimension with his melodic play style which was honed over years of classical training. Eventually, the band welcomed drummer Mark Spelker who immediately contributed in shaping Running Late's sound with his aggressive and dynamic play style, which greatly helped in complementing Mike's powerful Flea-inspired bass playing. Lead guitarist/vocalist Chris Ruzicka would be the bands most recent addition, who's virtuosity and creativity helped continue to elevate the intricacies within Running Late's music.   

 Although they were confident in their sound's ability to connect with others, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm which critics and fans alike showed for their music. Within weeks of releasing their debut album "Better Late Than Never", their songs were being played on numerous college and independent radio stations across the country. They were also asked to play with the likes of MGMT, Third Eye Blind, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, America, CCR, Eve 6, and Everclear. "These guys deliver a sound that requires true musicianship and an understanding of what the history of rock is" comments Shaine Freeman of I Am Entertainment Magazine, "Running Late is proving their worth in the indie music scene". Richie Frieman from Penns Eye View agrees, "The band out of Madison, New Jersey is more than just a name that connects with me – they totally line up with my taste in music. Adding a cello and a saxophone to an alternative rock band is a pure winning recipe".

 Despite being overjoyed in having so many fans throughout New Jersey, Running Late have their sights set on continuing to perform  throughout the tri state region and eventually tour throughout the country. But most of all, the band cherishes having the ability to bring something familiar yet different to every new listener. "For me personally" says Mike, "we've met so many people who come up to us and say things like 'this is the kind of music I love, why isn't anyone else playing it?' and I believe I speak for everyone when I say that such a comment makes a life of music worth living".

 Towards the end of 2016 guitarist Christopher Ruzicka and drummer Mark Spelker, after years of contribution to Running Late, both parted ways to pursue their own ventures.  Running Late then underwent a major rebuilding and re-vamping process, which brought on Tessa Drake on lead vocals and Pat Fruehling on drums. This opened up a whole new dimension to the band's sound, which allowed Running Late to continue to find success throughout the majority of 2017. Highlights of the year included releasing the Comfort vs. Quality EP, sharing the stage with the Plain White T's, performing alongside Lifehouse and Switchfoot, performing at Seaside Music Fest, and playing to thousands in Liberty State Park. 

At the end of 2017; Running Late parted ways with Tessa Drake and Pat Fruehling, which brought the project back to yet another rebuilding period. This time around, Running Late looked to acquire a lineup that would make no compromises in talent, attitude, work ethic, and creative vision. This brought fourth Lauren D'Imperio on lead vocals and Ori Yekutiel on drums, both of whom have pushed the projects capabilities and sound to soaring new heights. Today, with the most talented lineup Running Late has ever had, 2018 is set up to be the greatest year of the bands history.